Top 10 Benefits of A Home Photo Shoot

Read our top 10 benefits of a home photo shoot...

1. They're relaxing for you

Have you ever taken the family, kids, or pets to a photography studio to have their photo taken? It's new, it's different - and there are lots of things to be distracted by. Some of which include: other customers walking in at any given moment, endless amounts of props including toys (which can prove distracting) and expensive equipment i.e lighting (also meaning wires).

These points are definitely something to take into consideration, especially if you know that you have a boisterous toddler, a large family of children, or even a child with special needs who may struggle to adapt to different environments.

2. They're relaxing for the kids

Throughout a home shoot, whether it be the kids, your newborn, or beloved pet, you can rest assured that because they will be in their own environment, they will be less likely to 'act up' and more likely to chill out. Plus, even when distracted, at most they will want to show the Photographer their favourite toys (this includes the dog) which isn't that bad in comparison to the many distractions you may encounter in a busy studio environment.

3. Convenient

Home photo shoots are extremely convenient. Especially considering if you've recently given birth. It's exhausting. Personally, I didn't leave the house for a good month with my first, due to being an exhausted, breast feeding - and slightly anxious - Mum.

In addition, when considering children and babies needs, everything is in the house: nappies, wipes, toys, snacks. There's no need to cart a bag full of supplies around with you. Being in a home environment means there is also somewhere familiar and safe to change your baby and for you as a parent to sit down and relax in your own space.

4. Short set-up time

A photo shoot doesn't take long to set up - around 7 minutes on average. With little equipment and depending on how many props and backdrops are required from the customer; a shoot can take barely any time to set up and is relatively fuss-free.

5. A large home isn't necessary

A large floor area is not needed. Again, this depends on which of our props and backdrops you would require from your Photographer.

I generally bring with me one backdrop, two backdrop stands and one pole around 1m in length, plus props, which are all pretty small in size. Ask to see our backdrops and props.

Most of my backdrops require only 1m from the pole to the floor and 1m out across the floor. I have once managed set up a home photo shoot in the small living room of a flat; meaning most home photo shoots are achievable, even in what you may consider a 'small' space.

6. Piece of mind

When booking a home photo shoot, you can be certain of your general piece of mind, knowing photos will be taken in your own surroundings, where you feel comfortable and at ease.

7. No limits

Want your mischievous mutt photographed? Have an unruly toddler? Or even an abstract photo request? You don't have to worry about entering a studio environment - for all of the above reasons.

8. Complete privacy

If you're like me - and most others - then you probably wouldn't want strangers walking past and seeing you and your family, or your children, being photographed; which can sometimes occur in a studio environment. I know two studios local to me with large glass windows, where you can see everything. Again, it comes down to how comfortable the customer feels about this - some might be fine with it, while others may not.

9. Transport issues

Needless to say, if you rely on public transport, it's always a little tricker to get around. This falls under the convenience category and depends on the customer's individual circumstances and requirements.

10. Generally less expensive

You might find that home photo shoots are less expensive than studio shoots. Partly because you aren't paying toward the costs of a rented studio space.

Finally, we would say that the quality of Photographers' work and their prices tend to vary. We would recommend that customers do their research on a Photographer first-hand, before booking up with them.

One final tip: don't be afraid to ask any questions - any professional should be prepared to answer any queries you have.

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