Our Photographs: Beautiful Country Walks in the North East

Since lockdown began we've been taking a number of lovely walks around the North East countryside, enjoying the beautiful scenery and admiring the well-known landmarks in the area.

Just some of our adventures have included visits to Pow Hill, Rising Sun Country Park and Seahouses Beach. Click here to view a selection of images we took on our trip to Seahouses! See some images we snapped below of our recent wanders in and around County Durham. Enjoy! ☺️

The Telescopes. It's been years since we've been here. How incredible are these?

Rosie taking up her new favourite hobby. She took some fantastic shots and really enjoyed exploring!

We discovered this interesting old railway structure en route to Hownsgill Viaduct (The Gill Bridge)

So many routes to explore! We had so much fun deciding which route to take! Which direction would you go??

These walks are fantastic for our dogs! They absolutely love the countryside.

Exploring the woods at Pow Hill Country Park

A Slow Worm spotted a the picturesque Pow Hill Country Park!

Did you know? The Slow Worm is otherwise known as the 'legless lizard'.