Photographer's Emotional Portraits Of Her Grandparents Will Make You Want To Give Yours A Call...

When did you last spend quality time with your grandparents, your parents, or anyone in your life who’s a little older?

...It’s probably been a while. We all know we should hang out with elderly people – not only to help with their loneliness, but to gather all their wisdom – but it tends to slip to the bottom of our priorities, surpassed by the busyness of work and spending time with friends.

Ha My’s photography might give you the nudge you need to pick up the phone and have a chat with the people you keep forgetting about. The 25-year-old Photographer has captured a series of moving portraits of her grandparents, who are in their eighties, to document their positive attitude and willingness to learn. ‘I don’t live near my family anymore, that’s what makes me think about my grandparents more. They’re so special.’

Ha My explains that her despite being 87 years old, her grandfather has learned how to use email and Facebook to stay in touch with his grandchildren, as well as learning how to film and edit short videos to share with the family. ‘I was very surprised that at that age he could learn all of these things by himself,’ says Ha My. The Photographer decided to document her grandparents as a way to spend time with them and learn from their incredible attitude to life. She hopes that the photos will inspire other people to get in touch with their grandparents and learn all they have to offer. For her, that means learning to be open to discovering new things, and appreciating their positive attitude to life.

‘They still have a very strong attitude about learning, about loving, about living their life,’ she explains. ‘One thing I really love about my grandparents is they always try to learn. ‘My grandparents love to write poems. ‘They are sensitive to the world around them, maybe because of their age. They find feelings very easy to translate. ‘Through their long long life, they have had a lot of experience in life and love, so they often write about that. ‘My grandmother was from a very poor family. She didn’t have the money to study, so she tried to learn from books people throw away. She still keeps these books in the house. My grandparents keep everything. ‘My grandparents are very strong. The more they show me, the more I observe, the more I feel – the more I recognise so many things about family, love, work.

‘I love to learn from their positive attitudes. That’s why I capture every moment of them. ‘I started to capture their daily lives – when they work together, when they eat together, when they talk, when they have a task to do. ‘When they saw me take photos they asked me why. I said I wanted to save every moment of us. ‘I don’t have much time to come to see them often. Maybe through the photos I can have something to see whenever I miss them and whenever I can’t come.’ Ha My initially intended for the photos to be just for her.

But seeing the emotion she’d captured and appreciating what her grandparents could teach others, the photographer decided to share them online. ‘I took these photos for myself,’ Ha My explains. ‘But when I looked again I saw each of the actions and emotions were so strong, so full of love. ‘What I want people to see here is the strong attitude, the love, the life. ‘No matter your age, the positive energy inside you is the thing that will make you feel happy in life and give you more energy to learn. ‘Keep the positive energy. A positive attitude is very important now especially with the young generation, as they often feel unstable. People feel that they are not happy – I think this depends on a positive attitude.’

See some of the photographs we took of our Grandparents in the comments box, below.

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