Photographer Nicknamed 'Spider-Man' After Hanging From A Tree To Capture The Perfect Wedding Shot

A dedicated Wedding Photographer went the extra mile for one couple and hung upside down from a tree to capture the perfect shot for them.

The Video of the #Photographer, nicknamed “#SpiderMan”, went viral after Pakchikpak Raja Babu posted it on his Twitter account. It showed him dangling from a tree by his legs, as the #HappyCouple posed beneath him.

Mr Babu wrote: “When you wanted to become Spider-Man to fight crime but ended up becoming #WeddingPhotographer due to parental pressure.”

Many people applauded the Photographer’s special efforts and branded him the "world's most dedicated Wedding Photographer".

One person wrote: “If my best friend doesn’t do this for me for my future #Wedding, it’s all over this is dedication and commitment.”

Another person said: “The dedication I need to apply to my life asap (sic)”

Many people wanted to see the photo that the #Photographer had captured.

Fortunately, one person found the end result -

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