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Photographer Mocks Coronavirus Panic-buying, Posing for Newborn Photoshoot with Precious Toilet Roll

Photographer Helen O’Brien posed up precious toilet paper like a newborn baby

(Picture: Ivory White/Kennedy News) Fed up of seeing people stockpiling loo roll, photographer Helen O’Brien and her husband Ben came up with the perfect way to poke fun at all the coronavirus panic-buying. Helen posed up some precious toilet paper in the style of a classic newborn baby photoshoot, swaddling the loo roll in blankets and topping it with a tiara. Helen, from Colchester, Essex, said: ‘It sounds ridiculous when you say it out loud. ‘It was just a joke to start with – something lighthearted.

‘We haven’t stockpiled toilet rolls, so we just have our normal amount. Isn’t the baby adorable?

(Picture: Ivory White/Kennedy News)

‘I picked one of the prettier ones – some are a bit rubbish and thin. They’re all white and don’t have any patterns on. ‘I selected one of my little newborn headbands and a wrap and popped it on. ‘We were in stitches together. I was rolling my eyes at the things Ben encourages me to do, being silly.’ The couple had spent weeks watching the stories about panic buying as coronavirus fears mount and instead of joining in the rush, Helen decided to use some humour to bring light to the situation.

The photographer, who owns Ivory White Photography, then ran upstairs ‘in stitches’ and picked out a roll, spending 15 minutes setting up her home studio and camera.

(Picture: Ivory White/Kennedy News)

Helen said: ‘It started seeing on social media people wiping out all the toilet rolls in supermarkets. ‘Me and my husband were just rolling our eyes thinking “why are they doing this? Why are they so precious over these things in particular?”

‘I was sitting on the sofa with him and because I’m a newborn photographer and do family shoots, I said “wouldn’t it be funny if I did a newborn shoot with a toilet roll?”‘ Helen shared the end result on Facebook, where it quickly racked up more than 19,000 shares and comments.

One man commented: ‘Oh babes, she’s beautiful. You must be so proud.’ Helen hopes the photos will help bring some cheer to gloomy times. Helen said: ‘I thought my followers would find it amusing in these ‘scary’ times – as some people think they are.

It just went a bit crazy from there. ‘I haven’t had one negative comment – it’s all been lighthearted. Everyone that I’ve seen said “this has made my day”. ‘It’s good to see some positivity coming from it – it’s what we need at the moment.’ Source: https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/18/photographer-mocks-coronavirus-panic-buying-posing-newborn-photoshoot-precious-toilet-roll-12416807/

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