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Our Creative Journey - Then & Now

Sometimes it's important to revisit your roots, rediscover your passion and reminisce on your business's journey.

For me, drawing, art and photography was a huge part of growing up and still motivates, moves and inspires me to this day.

Everything you read here has contributed to my creative nature, my overall wellbeing and, of course, my colourful and creative personality!

This is one of the many images of various artwork I created as a child that inspires profound, fond memories of growing up and how much I adored creative activities, whether that be drawing, colouring in or creative writing.

This always brings me back to the memories of enjoyment and passion that has been instilled in me from a very young age.

When I was younger, as a family, we often visited numerous art galleries. My Dad was never without his camera; always present to capture precious childhood memories of my brothers and I as we grew up! Here is one of my favourite images taken by my Dad (around 1994)

My Grandad on the other hand, just like me, was a professional Photographer in his youth. His images were published in various books, some of which he wrote himself, so creativity certainly has strong connotations in our family! My upbringing and experiences with the arts have definitely had a positive, profound impact on me both as a person and in my profession as a Photographer and Graphic Designer. I am now running a successful Lifestyle Photography business and Graphic Design & Photography business, both of which I absolutely adore! I'm delighted to share that we've been running for 5 years strong.

Finally, I felt compelled to share some images of artwork I thoroughly enjoyed working on as a teenager, from ages 15-19.

Final thought: Isn't it funny how hand-drawn sketches have evolved into digital art over the years? We started our creative journey learning the basics, using creative techniques such as: sewing, sketching, rendering, painting and batik, amongst others. We are now continuing on our creative journey using digital software to conceptualise our ideas and create dynamic visuals for clients.

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