Homeless Couple's Photographer Makes Them Look Like Fashion Models

This is Sammy – AKA Blackie – and his girlfriend Virginia. They’ve both been homeless for a while now.

They met each other on the streets of Nairobi where they both lived, and before long, their friendship blossomed into real love. And they’ve now been made the subjects of an inspiring #PhotoShoot, thanks to a local #Photographer who works under the name of #MuchiriFrames. He came across the couple in one of the city’s parks and together with his team, decided to do something special for #Valentine’sDay.

He asked Sammy if he’d ever been in love and immediately, ‘his eyes lit up and the question almost seemed therapeutic as he started describing his girlfriend’.

The Photographer says: ‘It was almost unbelievable that love would conform to such settings, a complete slap on the many things we have forcefully evolved love to’. He decided to give Sammy and his girlfriend a proper makeover to celebrate their special relationship on the day. ‘Under the inspiration of love in its simplest form, we celebrated #Valentine‘s with these amazing souls and came out with great testimonies,’ he says on his website. ‘Indeed, beneath all the dirt, tattered clothes and slurred speeches there lies beautiful individuals who would thrive like the rest of us if we offered them the opportunities. ‘Love doesn’t discriminate, here is proof.’

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2018/03/19/photographer-makes-homeless-couple-look-like-fashion-models-7397878/