5 Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions From Wedding Guests To The Photographer

Being a Wedding Photographer bears resemblance to any other job that involves working with the public. In our case, we get asked a whole host of questions when we're photographing a wedding; mostly from guests in attendance.

Read the below 5 questions that we're asked the most...

1. 'Can you edit [random object] out of the photo?'

The object in question is usually something small that isn't permanent; such as a spot, or a scratch. When it gets to larger objects, though, this is when it gets tricky! In the past we've successfully swapped faces / heads to complete a group photograph where all of the guests / family members aren't looking / blinking.

Note: Whilst there is a large amount of things you CAN edit out / into a photograph, there's also a vast amount that you CAN'T. Luckily all of our requests so far have been doable!

2. 'Can you Photoshop me / this body part to look [insert adjective here...]?'

This is a question that's commonly asked in a jokey manor. We invite you to use your imagination with some of the adjectives that we hear on occasion... ;-)

3. 'Can you just take a photo of us?' [proceeds to list off names of random guests]

This usually occurs when we're working our way through a list of wedding photographs. We don't mind - just as long as you remind us to come back to you when we've taken all of the main shots. :-)

4. 'What type of camera have you got? Because I've got [camera make] at home...'

This is typically asked by the older generation, which is actually really nice; because for a fraction of the day we get the chance to briefly talk about the 'technical' side of things and the general shared interest between us and that particular guest.

It's even better when they can tell us about old techniques and compare photography in the past to the present time!

5. (Not a question... but a very commonly heard statement!) - 'Don't take a photo of me... I'll break the camera / lens!'

We think this could be a strong contender as the most commonly heard statement - we literally heard this over the weekend at an event we were photographing!

And for the record: you're all beautiful. And the lens hasn't broken... yet! ;-)

6. Bonus Question!

[Generic guest(s)] 'Can you photograph me in THIS pose?' [Insert crude poses / gestures here]

What is a get together with friends and family without some classic banter, though?! Fortunately our presence means that sometimes we get to join in the fun, too. (And for that, we love you!)

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